Halfway between drawing and paitning


Pastel techniques derive both from painting and from drawing, Pebeo oil pastels, also known as wax oil crayons, can be used on their own or, by experienced pastel artists, diluted with turpentine. As they are less powdery than soft, Pebeo hard pastels are more suitable for beginners or lovers of drawing who generally prefer to use them on paper.

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Hard pastels

  • Pastels: Hard and very resistant

Hard pastels

Hard pastels are best used on paper. The variations in the effects depend on the way the pastel is held, the degree of pressure exerted, the grain and colour of the paper. All these will make a line that is more or less saturated.

Pébéo breadcrumb gum in mouldable paste form is used to clear the pastel by absorbing the pigments that are excessively deposited on the sheets.

The Pébéo pastel and charcoal fixative can be used to fix the powdery pastel colour without changing the hue.