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The essential accessories

Anti-drip rollers, plastic spatulas, special effect nozzles and other accessories of the P.BO Deco range are the essential tools to help achieve a  personalized and unique decorative impact!Designed for ease of use and maintenance while allowing you to vary your designs!



  • P.BO Deco Brushes

    The Brushes : Wash, Smooth, Stencil.

  • P.BO Deco Cotton wool

    Cotton wool 100 gr

  • P.BO Deco Steel wool

    Steel wool 70 gr

  • P.BO Deco Natural Sponge

    Natural Sponge.

  • P.BO Deco  Anti drip painting roll

    Anti drip painting roll.

  • P.BO Deco Painting spatula

    Painting spatula.

  • P.BO Deco Special effect nozzles

    Special effect nozzles.

  • P.BO Deco Special effect plastic Comb

    Special effect plastic Comb.