The essential accessories

Anti-drip rollers, plastic spatulas, special effect nozzles and other accessories of the P.BO Deco range are the essential tools to help achieve a  personalized and unique decorative impact!Designed for ease of use and maintenance while allowing you to vary your designs!



P.BO Deco Brushes

The Brushes : Wash, Smooth, Stencil.

P.BO Deco Cotton wool

Cotton wool 100 gr

P.BO Deco Steel wool

Steel wool 70 gr

P.BO Deco Natural Sponge

Natural Sponge.

P.BO Deco  Anti drip painting roll

Anti drip painting roll.

P.BO Deco Painting spatula

Painting spatula.

P.BO Deco Special effect nozzles

Special effect nozzles.

P.BO Deco Special effect plastic Comb

Special effect plastic Comb.


The  Modern accessories range

Anti Drip Painting Roll

Ideal for the covering flat areas or backgrounds with Cream of colour shades. After use, clean with water.

Plastic Spatulas

For the application of the Stencil cream and Concrete cream colours, and gels of the Effect + range. Ideal for applying colours with 3D stencils from the range.
Flat spatula: flat applications and smoothing colour. Spatula: work in precision and small areas. After use clean with water.

Special effect nozzles

Vary the designs!  Remove the cap and secure the nozzle of your choice, onto a tube of deco Concrete Cream or Stencil Cream.  Apply the colours. After use, replace the cap on the tube.  Clean with water.  Remove excess colour from nozzle with a needle.

Comb effect

Vary the reliefs! Using a spatula, apply the P.BO deco Concrete Cream and Stencil Cream. Paint the colour using the edge of your choice. After use, clean the comb with water.


The Vintage accessories range  

Stencil brush

White bristles. Ideal for applying the deco Glazing, Al Fresco or Gilding colours.

Wash brush

Pure black bristles. Ideal for application of the deco Al Fresco colours.

Smoothing brush

Pure white bristles. Ideal for the application of the deco Glazing colours.


Natural sponge

To obtain an effect of lime paint with the deco Al Fresco and Glazing colours glaze.  Use wet to apply the colour with a light touch.

Steel Wool

For obtaining a patina effect on items painted with deco colours. Of the finest quality, it is used on varnishes to give a matte finish, and to polish the patina waxes of the range.

Cotton wick

To apply the deco Al Fresco colours, Glazing colours and Patina waxes.  100% cotton and does not pill.  Allows for easy, uniform application.  Cut a small amount of cotton wick and use it as a cloth, throw away the cotton wick when it is dirty.