Transparency effect

You have an old chest of drawers that needs to be restored, you're thinking of colours, but be careful that the paint does not smother your furniture's beauty, so choose a translucent glaze with a satin finish to bring out the subtle features of the wood. P.BO Deco has 12 glazing colours to be used in combination with Creams of colour or Al Fresco Colours. Simply apply Glazing Colour with a glazing brush and regular strokes or with a sponge for a patina effect.  

P.BO deco Glazing Colour

P.BO deco Glazing Colours are proposed in 150ml jars and available in 12 colours.



Colours with a transparent finish, they easily allow you to create a transparent, matte and coloured glaze on decorations done with P.BO deco colours.

colour mixability:

Colours can be mixed together.


1 hour


Objects and small furniture, wood, plaster







matte satin transparency effect.


150ml = 1m²

Caring (decorated surfaces):

Supports a light handwashing without soaking.


Smoothing brush, natural sponge, cloth ...

Brush cleaning:

With soapy water.

Number of colours :

12 colours.


150ml jar - all colours.


The Glazing colours give an aged patina effect.  The range consists of colours of nearly the same intensity. Deep and intense tones give a sense of depth, accentuated by the addition of transparency.

Guidance for applying colour:

Prepare the surface with a suitable undercoat before applying one or more layers of colour of P. BO deco. Allow to dry, then apply the Glazing Colour. Apply with a brush for a smooth effect, or sponge or cloth for a patina effect.
To work in superimposition, allow to dry for one hour between  every 2 layers of glaze. The glaze colours dry to the touch in 1 hour. Handle after 24 hours.