MIXED MEDIA ® by Pébéo around the World

Interview Tristina Dietz-Elmes

Bold colors and dynamic movement are the effects of choice when I create MIXED MEDIA ® artwork. The Pébéo Fantasy self-manipulating paints offer me the perfect balance between ease of use and bright surprising outcomes. I love the sense of letting go, allowing the paint to finalize my abstract pieces

Interview Jenny Muncaster

For an artist it's important to change processes, materials and products to be surprised yourself by the result.
Everytime I work, I'm a child of 6 or 7 who discoverS a box of materiels under a christmastree : I want to try, to create again and again.


Interview Yigit Yazici

My main source of energy is sharing the excitement of my works with people. This is what is important for me. Art does not have a material equivalent? A person who looks at a painting and gets excited motivates me, satisfies me as an artist. >>>