A Gem of opalescence

Fantasy Prisme and Moon… A Gem of Opalescence
Poured on a flat horizontal surface such as: glass, canvas, metal, plastic, and ceramic... The Fantasy Prisme or Fantasy Moon paints, used alone or applied with a painting tool will retract, distend and intertwine to give life to original combinations, abstract textures and designs. And when the paints begin to play between opacity and opalescence your art work becomes a gem of emotions.

Fantasy Prisme
Opalescent and reactive, the colours reveal a stunning honeycomb and textured effect within minutes after application. Magnificent abstract effects are obtained when dropped or poured on a horizontal surface… A true embellishment to create jewellery and audacious artwork.

Fantasy Moon
Pearlescent and opaque colours that immediately render a hammered and marbled effect that is reminiscent of the lunar landscapes!

MIXED MEDIA ® in any Fancy
Fantasy Prisme and Moon are paints that easily blend with other paint ranges: Vitrail, Ceramic, Cerne Relief, Studio Acrylics, Gédéo resins, Mirror Effect leaf and much more.These MIXED MEDIA ® combinations prove to be pure genius.

Effet Fantasy Prisme seul

Fantasy Prisme

Effet Fantasy Moon seul
Effet Fantasy Moon et Vitrail

Fantasy Moon, Vitrail, Cerne relief Vitrail

Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon

Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon


> Alkyd oil-based colours
> Ready-to-use and mixable with each other
> Good lightfastness
Fantasy Prisme
> Opaque colours with honeycomb effects and a pearlescent finish
> Effect reveals itself while the paint is drying (5 to 10 minutes)
Fantasy Moon
> Opaque colours with hammered effects and a pearlescent finish
> Effect appears instantly upon application


Although it may be brushed on, the extraordinary, unique effects offered by these ranges are best pronounced if poured or dropped onto a flat horizontal surface. The thicker the application, the more defined and exaggerated the effects are. Once applied, the paint will self-manipulate and evolve into astonishing contrasting effects of varied textures, designs, opacity and luminescence. If desired, it may be manually manipulated to obtain specific designs.

> Thoroughly stir the paint with a wooden stick prior to application to obtain a homogeneous and fluid colour. Do not shake.
> Deposit the colour with a dropper or directly from the bottle onto a flat horizontal surface.
> Fantasy paints can be used over colours and mediums from the Studio Acrylics line as well as with Gédéo Resins and Mirror Effect Metal Leaf.
> The length of time required for the colours to be completely dry varies according to the thickness of the application. A 1/16 inch (2 mm) thick application of Fantasy Prisme is dry to the touch after 24 hours and completely dry after 72 hours.
> Wait a minimum of 7 days before adding a coat of resin over completely dry colours.

Helpful hints
> When combined with one another, or with Vitrail or Ceramic paints, astonishing abstract combinations of luminous colours are created.
> Apply in thick coats for amazing marbled, honeycomb and precious stone effects!
>Thoroughly stir the paint with a wooden stick prior to application to ensure and maximize the effects.

Great results are obtained on Pébéo Liquid Art Panels, but Fantasy paints can also be used on glass, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas, acetate, plastic, ceramic and more!