MIXED MEDIA ® across frontiers

Published January 10 at 15:17

MIXED MEDIA ® across frontiers

"Before there were oils and watercolours... the traditional techniques had their followers, but did not fray together!

Today, the art of MIXED MEDIA ® is to overlook the different existing techniques, educational and contemporary, to produce creative and surprising combinations. The first MIXED MEDIA ® artists started of with collages but, little by little, continued on by incorporating all existing traditional mediums – charcoals, watercolours, oils... To which they have added other day-to-day techniques: interior decoration, construction materials, plaster, stained glass... Thus, this movement gradually gained momentum and the artist experienced new areas of expression resulting in artwork with definite modern accents.

The meeting between MIXED MEDIA ® and Pébéo occurred in Canada... somewhat like if it was meant to happen. A manufacturer of colour, born in the heart of Marseilles and shaped by its culture of exchange, Pébéo then expanded in Canada, the United States, Asia, China and Japan... has rubbed shoulders with artists issued from radically different worlds... but with similar demands. Gradually, the Pébéo laboratory started mixing techniques to create new effects, new paints, and new aesthetic flavours in order to respond to these expectations!

The MIXED MEDIA ® concept is a great adventure for us and for every artist that MIXED MEDIA ® is a great adventure for us and for all those artists discovering new forms of artistic escape… "Inspiration MIXED MEDIA ®", our new interactive free magazine, has the goal to tell the story that we create hand-in-hand, day after day with numerous artists. You will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their artwork throughout these pages… Tomosuke Nakayama, Mihoub Aouail-Drissi, Karine Parker-Lemoyne, Tristina Dietz-Elmes, Maude Charland-Lallier… A first step inside MIXED MEDIA ® often translates in pure joy: through the techniques, it is cultures, vision, stories that intertwine an explosion of pictorial and sculptural wealth to share without moderation!"

Eric Chaveau
Pébéo Chairman

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