Marine moon


  • 1 canvas board 4 x 4 inches (réf 777300)
  • 1 dropper (réf 166301)
  • 1 fan paint brush #6 (réf 951170)
  • 1 sheet of paper towel
  • Glazing Resin (réf 766170)
  • Cobalt Blue (réf 050037)

Difficulty level :*
Completion time :20 min
Drying time :24h

Tip : Think about using different colours !

Glaçage final
Glaçage matériel
Step 1

Prepare the Glazing Resin as instructed on the box and verify the canvas board is placed on a flat surface. Using a dropper apply the resin to the bottom half of the canvas board (do not cover completely). Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours.


Apply a generous amount of Vitrail colour on the complete surface of the canvas board using a fan paint brush.


Before the paint dries, take a piece of paper towel and wipe the centre of the painting to create a circle. Allow to dry for approximately 8 hours.