Mirror effect picture


  • 1 canvas board 4 x 4 inches (ref 777300)
  • 1 fan paint brush # 6 (ref 951170)
  • Red mirror effect metal leaf (ref 766546)
  • Gold mirror effect metal leaf (ref 766549)
  • Black (ref 025014)

Difficulty level : *
Completion time : 10 min
Drying time : 8h

Tip : If you want to create different designs you can use other types of accessories such as wooden sticks or sponges !

Miroir final
Miroir matériel

Paint the canvas board Black using a fan paint brush.


Before the paint dries cover with the gold mirror effect metal leaf and gently apply using a finger to obtain the desired design.


Start again with step 2 with the red mirror effect metal leaf and allow to dry for approximately 8 hours.