The Art of Light

Beyond the traditional stained glass effects, Pébéo’s Vitrail range takes you into a world where it is possible to design intense creations, capable of moving under the eye of the observer.

The combination of two ranges with such strong personalities creates intense and surprising contrasts: textures merge, opacity and opalescent stimulate each other while transparency gives direction. From this marbled, hammered, honeycomb choreographies resembling stone gardens, skin or scales come alive under the artist’s paintbrush.

A highly fitting alliance that can result in light pastel shades if VITRAIL Opale colours are added, or in bright and transparent colours if Vitrail Transparent colours are preferred. The possibilities are endless…

Fantasy Prisme in Vitrail

Fantasy Prisme in Vitrail

Fantasy Moon in Vitrail

Fantasy Moon in Vitrail

Vitrail and Lightening medium

Vitrail, Vitrail Lightening medium, Cerne relief transparent, Gédéo relief gilding paste + Mirror effect metal leaf

Vitrail and Glitter medium

Vitrail Opale, Fantasy Prisme, Vitrail Glitter medium


> Alkyd oil-based colours
> Ready-to-use and mixable with each other
> Transparent : Intense and glossy colours
> Opale : Luminous opaque colours
> Good lightfastness
> Compatible with all other products included in the Mixed Media by Pébéo program


Use Vitrail to create high gloss transparent effects, combine it with Fantasy colours for breathtaking effects or use it to colour Crystal
resin; the possibilities are endless!
> Thoroughly stir the paint with a wooden stick prior to application to obtain a homogeneous and fluid colour. Do not
> Vitrail colours, when combined with Fantasy Moon, Fantasy Prisme and Ceramic colours, create magnificent contrasting
effects merging various degrees of texture, intensity, transparency, opacity and opalescence.
> Use brushes and droppers to apply the colours or simply drip, spatter and pour them directly from the bottle. For more
accurate results an applicator bottle with or without a Minerva tip can be used.
> Vitrail can be used over colours and mediums from the Studio Acrylics line as well as with Gédéo Resins and Mirror Effect
Metal Leaf.
> Wait a minimum of 7 days before adding a coat of resin over completely dry colours.
> Add Vitrail colours to clear Gédéo Crystal Resin to create an unlimited range of brightly coloured casting resins.

Helpful hints
> Crystal Resin may be tinted with up to 10% Vitrail. The use of Opale colours creates light pastel resins while the addition of
transparent colours creates vivid and transparent resins.
> Add Vitrail over applications of various Studio Acrylics mediums and Gedeo Resins to add texture and dimensional
effects to your creations.
> Clean brushes and droppers thoroughly with odourless mineral spirits or white spirit and rinse with soapy water.
> The Pébéo Cerne Relief may be used to create outlines to contain and delineate the Vitrail colours.

Pébéo Vitrail Transparent and Opale colours can be applied on Pébéo Liquid Art Panels, glass, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas,
acetate, plastics, paper, ceramics and more!