Fragonard linen

The Fragonard expert linen stretcher is mounted with 100% linen canvas, which was developed by Pébéo.


These 3D stretchers are recommended to multi-type work.


The quality and aspect of a canvas is strongly dependent on the origin of the fabric and the treatment that it has been subjected to. All Pébéo canvases are guaranteed to be homogenous.

Ariane canvas

The Ariane canvas is modern and is suitable for all techniques: acrylic, oil, gouache and mixed techniques.

wooden panels

Leak proof wooden panels for the technique of pouring Pébéo colours and Resins.

Linen, Wood, Cotton…

What type of surface should be used? Wood, cardboard, cotton, linen? There are numerous possibilities and each has its qualities. So if the choice seems complicated, let yourself be guided by your intuition. 

If previously oil paints expressed a preference for linen and cotton canvases, with Mixed Media by Pébéo, the surface itself becomes a link in your creation.
And to continue making things simple, Pébéo has prepared a variety of painting surfaces that are just waiting for you to give your imagination free reign!