Mixing, dispersing

This step is about dispersing powdered materials (pigments, fillers) in a liquid medium. The best dispersion of the powder is ensured by the high rotational speed of the disperser and light with a proper viscosity of the medium. We can optimize the attrition of particles which are subject to the impact of high speed particles with the mixing paddle, but also allow them to obtain a good dispersion of pigments and fillers. Finally, the nature and dosage of dispersing agents are also essential (Primacolor Liquid Gouache for Artistic Awakening).

For certain high viscosity paints, mixing and dispersion processes are carried out under vacuum (Relief outliners, Studio Acrylics). Thus, the finished pastes do not contain air, which could not be avoided if these steps were not performed under vacuum.


Lab disperser:
 makes tests for volumes ranging from 0.1 L to 4L.


Disperser production:
 makes tests for volumes ranging from 60L to 400L.