Pébéo Web TV : 6 new episodes . . . Very Fantasy!

Published December 27 at 15:52

Create your own ring with Fantasy Moon and Vitrail

Create your own ring with Fantasy Moon and Vitrail

Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, Candlemas, Carnivals… Winter is a festive season, ideal for keeping warm… and adding Fantasy to your creations! Textured, hammered, pearlescent, and marbled effects… on jewellery, frames, vases… With the exclusive, new Pébéo Fantasy range, it is up to you… but before you begin, take a look at the 6 new episodes airing on our WebTV!

"Be the prettiest to go dancing!"

Medallions, bracelets, brooches, necklaces... Add colour and liveliness to your apparel  . . . and be sure to be the prettiest of them all!

Episode Fantasy I : Decorate a medallion (Fantasy Moon & Vitrail paints and Glazing resin)

Episode Fantasy II : Create jewellery (Fantasy Prisme and Glazing resin)

Here are fruits, flowers and branches, and here is my heart, that beats only for you.” (translated from Verlaine)

Your loved one continues to offer you flowers to warm your heart... Good! But, do you know how to display them as they, (and he) deserve? Vases or terra cotta pots, give eternity to these fleeting moments of paradise...

Episode Fantasy III : Decorate a glass vase (Fantasy Moon & Prisme paints and Vitrail Matt medium)

Episode Fantasy IV : Marbleize your terra cotta pots (Fantasy Moon & Ceramic paints)


“I hereon after only want to collect moments of happiness” (translated from Stendhal)

Drawings of a child’s dreams... smiles of complicity on an azure blue background... your first watercolour... memories of the elderly and of the little newcomers... Nothing is too beautiful to add gold to your memories! Decorate your frames with your own designs!

Episode Fantasy V : Decorate a glass frame (Fantasy Moon paint)

Episode Fantasy VI :Decorate a wooden frame (Fantasy Prisme paint) 

Pébéo WebTV: DIY teaching Videos!

You love creating unique pieces that resemble you?                  

You are already familiar with the Pébéo workshops that show you “step by step” instructions on how to create original pieces.

Today Pébéo goes a step further with its WebTV: video workshops that provide you with all of the essential tips and techniques to learn how to decorate all types of surfaces.

The proposed ideas - very trendy – are easy to achieve... Allowing you to immediately master the chosen technique.

Each month, Pébéo’s WebTV, offers a new series that will give you all the “tools” to master the latest new products and give shape to your ideas. 

To be sure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the RSS feed to be alerted as soon as a new workshop is posted.