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Published September 20 at 14:38

Fragonard pigments

Fragonard pigments

Pebeo sheds light on pigments, the raw material of its expertise! One of the great universally recognized strengths of Pebeo is the very high quality of the pigments used and in particular of its 30 high-purity mono-pigments (Fragonard range). They present an excellent light fastness and are properly distributed over the whole colour spectrum. But what are pigments exactly? Here is what must be known about these substances that bring colour to our lives! 

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A pigment is insoluble

A pigment is by definition insoluble in all conventional environments where it is in suspension in contrast to a dye which is soluble in these same environments and transfers them its colour. 

Two families of pigments

The pigments can be divided into two families: mineral (natural and synthetic) and organic.

First family :

- The natural minerals such as natural ochres, umbers and Veronese earth colours, carbon black....

- The Synthetic Minerals obtained by chemical reaction such as yellows and cadmium reds, cobalt blues and greens, chrome oxide greens, cobalt purples...

Second family :

- The synthetic organic pigments derived from the distillation of petroleum and coal compounds... They are characterized by their colouring strength, brilliance, stability and remarkable solidity.

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More and more colourful pigments

Today the quality of colour is much superior to that of the beginning of the century. If the mineral pigments used are chemically identical, they no longer have anything comparable with their ancestors.

The purification of raw materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes and the implemented technological means allow producing pure and solid pigments which possess a very remarkable colouring strength.

To this already fairly complete range, are added new generations of organic pigments, which greatly expands the artists’ palettes.

Pigment classification

There exists an international classification that identifies and ranks the qualities of each pigment. 

- The colour is identified by a series of letters and numbers;

- The light fastness is evaluated by a star system;

- The fineness of grind which allows optimizing the brightness, colouring strength and opacity of a pigment is controlled by a North standard gage graduated from 0 to 10.

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Fragonard: All the Pebeo know-how in terms of pigments

The Pebeo Fragonard range is an essential selection of 30 very pure pigments with excellent light fastness. Associated with the appropriate grinding binders, they allow the creation of 30 vivid mono-pigment colours (oils, acrylics, watercolours or gouache) or affinities by mixing.

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