New Gedeo Resins

Published November 05 at 10:55

Gedeo Resins line

Gedeo Resins line

Gedeo Resins

Pebeo’s Gedeo Resins are easy to use, you only have to mix two part Resin for one part hardener. You can make your own mould with Pebeo Siligum or simply use silicone moulds. The resin can be applied on a canvas, on metal, on wood, pictures, on postal cards, etc.


Crystal Resin

With the Crystal Resin, you will be able to makes casts, inclusions, coatings or laminates. It’s high transparency and strength allows you to obtain a surprising vitreous paste effect. It does not bubble nor yellow.

To find out how to pour Crystal Resin on a platter check out this video:


Colour Resin

This line offers you 5 transparent colors: Topaz, Amber, Ruby, Lazuli and Jade. You won’t need had dyes anymore and you will always get homogeneous colors. You can also mix the colors together as well as with the Crystal Resin and the Pearl Resin, which offers endless possibility of shades. The Colour Resin is UV resistant so the color doesn’t change with time.

See how to create different objects with the Colour Resin in this video:


Pearl Resin

The Pearl Resin available in three colors: White, Gold and Vermeil, offers you a magnificent pearl result. You can also mix them with the Colour Resins and the Crystal Resin to obtain infinity of shades.

Find out how to make a picture frame with a pearl effect in this video:


Gloss + Varnish

The gloss varnish gives a brilliant finish to all of your creations done with Gedeo Resins. Give back some brilliance to you mat finishes.


Glazing Resin

The Glazing Resin gives you an enamel finish with rounded edges. It is perfect for your postal cards and your pictures. With the Glazing Resin you can also give dimension to your canvases. To find the quantity of resin needed, you just have to take the dimensions of the surface and multiply it by 0.2.

*Available in January 2012

Find out how to give an enamel effect to your postal cards with the Glazing Resin:


See how to render a magnifying effect on canvas by checking out this video: