It's Halloween !

Published October 18 at 14:56

It's Halloween !

In Irish mythology, the new year began for the Celts on 1 November. The 31 October was therefore New Year's Eve. It was claimed that during this unique evening, known as the Samhain festival, ghosts came out of their graves. It is for this reason that the terrified Celts dress up on this night to disguise themselves and avoid being recognised.

With the establishment by the Christian Church of the Feast of All Saints in the Middle Ages, taking place on 1 November, this evening has become Halloween, the English contraction of All Hallow's Eve (literally: All Saint's Evening).

Today, the tradition is that children dress up in terrifying or funny costumes and ring your doorbell asking adults - often themselves in fancy dress - for sweets, fruit or money with the phrase: Trick or treat, or simply, Happy Halloween!feeds

To celebrate Halloween, Pébéo gives you some tips for decorating a pumpkin.

You will need:

Clean your pumpkin, cut it open, empty out the pulp and seeds using the spoon and stick the template to the pumpkin.


Carve the pumpkin along the dotted lines and paint it using Pébéo Studio Acrylics Titanium white, and use Mars black on the stem of the pumpkin. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes and apply a second coat. Draw the outline of the carving with Mars black Pébéo Studio Acrylics. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes and apply a second coat.

Woe the pumpkin!


To liven up this Halloween, light up the pumpkin from the inside using a candle. This practice comes from another Irish legend, that of the famous miser, drunkard, wicked and egocentric character, Jack-o'-lantern, condemned to eternally wander the darkness between heaven and hell, lighting up with a firebrand inside a turnip (gradually replaced by a pumpkin).

What are the colours of Halloween?

The two main colours of this festival are black, symbolising the night, and orange representing the first light of dawn.

How to create a bat to decorate your windows ?

For this workshop you will need: Cerne Arti’stick silver and black.


Arti'stick black, orange, brown and phosphorescent colours. Halloween drawings, transparent sheet. On a blank sheet, trace the shape you want to carve (pumpkin, bat, ghost, etc). Place the sheet of paper under the plastic sheet and trace the outline of the shape using a cerne paint. Fill in the interior of the contour with your chosen colour(s). Leave it to dry for 24 hours. Peel off the shape carefully. Put it on a mirror or a window. 




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It's Halloween, so here are some ideas to give you a fright!