Pébéo soutient Marseille Provence 2013

Published January 10 at 18:40

marseille Provence 2013

marseille Provence 2013

MuCem : Museum of the European and Mediterranean civilizations, a beacon in the Euro-Mediterranean for celebrating Marseille and Provence. 

What is a European Capital of Culture?

Created by the European Union in 1985, the European Capital of Culture title is a unique label as well as the perspective for the two laureate cities for a full year of culture, festivals and creativity.  In 2013, Marseille Provence, along with Kosice, a Slovakian city, becomes the centre of artistic expression, the meeting place of all gatherings.


The plan for the next few days in Marseille: 

The MUCEM: Mainly devoted to similarities, differences, borrowings or oppositions between the cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean throughout the main features of their civilizations, MuCEM has reconfigured the area of the port, changing one of the faces of the Phocean city. Located at the water's edge, the MuCEM is one of the last major cultural projects of the Decade. Nearly 5000 M² welcome the exhibitions. On the ground floor of J4, a permanent concourse accounts in historical depth for the richness and diversity of the Mediterranean civilizations while, on upper floors, temporary exhibitions are devoted to corporations, cities, places or people that make up the Mediterranean.

In Rudy Ricciotti’s J4 , 3 exhibitions throws a fresh look at the ever-changing Mediterranean societies: "Le Noir et Le Bleu" ; " Au bazar du genre " and the Gallery of the Mediterranean.

 Throughout the year, many cultural and artistic events will be hosted in Marseille and throughout the territory. 


Another "flagship" event: Le Grand Atelier du Midi

Designed in two parts, this exhibition simultaneously takes place at the Palais Longchamp in Marseille "from Van Gogh to Bonnard" and the Museum Granet d'Aix en Provence "From Cezanne to Matisse". It brings together almost 200 masterpieces produced between 1880 and 1950-1960 from two figureheads of modernity: Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne

The works presented work at explaining how the South of France, in the broad sense, from the North of Spain to the North of Italy, with a few incursions into North Africa, was a fabulous laboratory for the elaboration of modernity in painting: " je crois donc qu'encore après tout l'art nouveau est dans le Midi"  (I therefore still believe, after all, that modern art is present in the south of France ) wrote Van Gogh.

Among the artists: Cézanne and Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Dali, Bonnard, Braque, Signac, Soutine, Vallotton, Dufy, Camoin, Derain, Manguin, Gauguin, Man Ray, Modigliani.