Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize 2018

Published June 21 at 12:35

The Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize 2018 has been success! 

With 463 entries from all over the UK, the Mixed Media Exhibition 2018 will showcase 72 works at the Menier Gallery, located in Central London and on the 26th of June the winners of the cash prizes will be selected by an impressive panel of personalities of the art world. 

Read here all about the Judges.


First prize : Mark Walton – The Golden Temple at Night

Artist’s statement:

My name is Mark Walton.  I was born in rural Bromsgrove, Worcestershire where I live with my wife and two daughters.  My paintings have until recently always been in watercolour, never acrylics or mixed media..........How things have changed!!  A reflection of my life.

I use a mixture of acrylic paints and ink, apply gold or silver leaf to highlight special elements and occasionally crystals (and even coal) to help capture the nature of the subject.  My chosen media are layered and carefully scratched or sanded to add depth and character.  Resin is used to both coat the surface of a painting and for added texture.  Significantly the resin reflects the ever changing light throughout the day (and night) helping to capture different aspects of the composition.  It fires my imagination again and again.  And it's great to touch too!!


Description of the selected artwork:

The Golden Temple at Night

I have tried to convey the majesty of this significant religious monument set against the strength and beauty of natures night sky.  Vibrant layered colour infused with crystals with added resin relief where the water reflects the soaring Temple completes what I hope is a thought provoking composition.


Second Prize : Suwon Lagarde - Anaïta

Artist statement:

Suzon Lagarde is a french emerging artist based in London. Her daily practice is full of joy, embracing the unknown and the process. From everyday object's gouaches, to pencil drawings or self-portraits in oil, every minute to create is for her an opportunity to get to know herself better and share with the world a gaze full of gratitude.

Engaging mainly with portraiture, her practice is opened to mark making, unusual medium or support, searching for the best ways to convey her subjects. When she's not painting human portraits, her engagement for veganism extend to her paintings, and she has recently been exhibited in an Animal Rights painting show in Somerset House.

Suzon is currently on a Foundation Degree in Portraiture at the Art Academy, Borough, where she feels the most fortunate for pushing her practice further everyday, thanks to the tuition given by some of the best London artists.


Description of the artwork:

Pebeo Mixed Media range inspired Suzon Lagarde to create this portrait of Anaïta, the artist's best friend. Suzon aimed to depict the joyfulness, vibrancy and playfulness of this incredible woman, and used Pebeo products to enhance a classic oil painting with some more unique and surprising pigments, textures and medium.


Third Prize , Cindy Lesman – Scopic

Artist statement:

My work is based around the improbable. I love working with subtle hints of surrealism, to a point where it becomes almost unnoticeable. I take inspiration from Baudrillard’s hyperrealism theory, hopefully without it being as pretentious as it sounds. I am intrigued by the lives people present on social media. Edited, and taken out of context, to create your best version of a handmade reality.


Description of the selected artwork:

This work is part of the artist’s “Scopic” series. “Scopic” is a series of abstract paintings, inspired by combining telescopic and microscopic images. By using sources that can not be seen with the naked eye the artist wants to question our perception about what’s real.


Voting Prize :  Lee Goodwin - "Rhopalocera"

Artist statement:

'While I make no attempt to portray actual animals or plants, I do wish for my work to have a biological feel to them. I wish to create art that resembles something that could be a living organism, but to create that through an almost chaotic system, the results of a random diversity of eventualities.'