Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries

Published June 13 at 0:16

Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries

Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries

In addition to the spectacular colour selection for both professionals and amateurs, Pébéo offers a wide range of auxiliaries to achieve diverse techniques, applications and special effects.

Used alone or mixed with the Studio Acrylic Colours, these auxiliaries were specially designed to inspire your creativity at every painting level. Whether a beginner or a professional artist, the auxiliaries allow you to experiment without limits and prepare you for the world of MIXED MEDIA ®!

We understand that the auxiliaries are sometimes a difficult concept to grasp, which is why we will try to summarize the usefulness of each product in order to facilitate the approach and encourage you to test out the products ... by yourself!

Use the creative process as a guideline for the auxiliaries! 
In the painting world, the auxiliaries can be separated in three categories depending on their involvement in the creative process: preparation, paint, finish. 

Gesso noir et couleurs dyna


The Preparation
To prepare the painting surface use Gesso, this underlay will waterproof, prime and give the desired roughness (for better adhesion of the colour) to the absorbent surface: canvas, paper or wood.

White Studio Acrylics Gesso
The viscosity and titanium white concentration of this white matt coating makes it particularly covering.

Black Studio Acrylics Gesso
An Intense black matt coating, particularly suitable for the application of the DYNA, Studio Acrylics and Artist Acrylics colours, as well as Bindex DYNA mediums.


Grey Studio Acrylics Gesso
An intense matt coating, which is a perfect intermediate between the white and black Gesso.

  1.    Paint

In this category, there are different types of products designed to be used in combination or to complement the colour.
The "Bindex" and "Gels" mediums can be mixed with the colours to provide an even colour consistency, to allow better adhesion, transparency, depth, drying time without thinning the paint.

Bindex et gel de texture

Studio Acrylics Bindex
Non-yellowing liquid binder for the preparation of the colours. Bindex gives both depth and brightness and is ideal for collages and inlays. 

Bindex Studio Acrylics DYNA
Studio Acrylics DYNA Bindex
In addition to the properties of the regular Bindex, the DYNA Bindex is formulated with interference pigments that allow applications to change colour depending on the angle of light.

Gloss, Matt or Phosphorescent gels
The Studio Acrylics Gloss Gel, Matt Gel and Phosphorescent Gel
Of thicker consistency then Bindex, these gels prepare and give depth to colours but also work as a gloss, as a matt or to give a touch of phosphorescence to the piece.

Other Types of Gels: The Studio Acrylics Sand Textured Gel
These gels contain sand in different colours that produce textured and unique dimension effects. It is possible to mix with acrylic colours and mediums, or use them alone.

Gel de texture sable studio jaune et noir

The “Modeling Paste” or “Mortars” are used to create structure and thick textures. Mortars are very thick, opaque and render a matt finish after application, it is recommended to use a painting knife to apply them. It is possible to mix Mortars with acrylic colours, but this will result in a colour variation (unlike when used with the Gels and Bindex).

Studio Acrylics Modeling paste
Opaque white and heavy textured, ready-to-use paste to work in dimension and create impastos. Retains the
imprint of the tool, can be sculpted, painted and sanded down once dry. Keeps its volume perfectly and does
not crack after drying. Matte finish. 

Modeling paste effet craquelé

Studio Acrylics High Density Modeling Paste
Opaque white and heavy textured, ready-to-use paste to work in dimension and create impastos. Formulated
with a very fine grain to offer a high density, it offers a thicker textured paste than the Studio Acrylics Modeling
Paste. Retains the imprint of the tool, can be sculpted, painted and sanded down once dry. Keeps its volume
perfectly and does not crack after drying. White-grey porous finish.

Studio Acrylics Crackling Effect Modeling Paste
IIdeal for a cracked effect that is out of the ordinary! In addition, depending on the thickness of the layer, it is possible to control the crackling amount. Can be used alone or mixed with acrylics colours (75% modellingpaste / 25% colour). Apply with a painting knife.

The Finishing touch
The Varnishes (Artist Acrylics range)
A varnish can be used to protect the uniformity and give depth to Acrylic colours.  In general, prior to starting the art work, it is advisable to always pre-test on the selected media. If the work is intended to be restored you may prefer a solvent based varnish, which can be removed with a mixture of water/alcohol.

Gloss, Matt and Satin finish varnishes
Non-yellowing, after applying they give a perfectly tight, supple and indelible film. The gloss varnish for a very even gloss effect that is transparent.  The matt varnish for an opalescent finish and the satin varnish for a satin finish, the perfect intermediate between the gloss and matt.

Solvent based gloss, matt and satin varnishes in spray can or in a bottle (in the oil range)
Quick drying non-yellowing varnish with a thermoplastic film that allows the possibility to restore. The glossy varnish holds well to the brush and adds a strong gloss and is durable. It makes the colours more vibrant, rich and saturated. The matt varnish gives an opalescent effect. The satin varnish gives a discreet and uniform satin finish, the perfect intermediate between the gloss and matt.

Solvent based UV Varnish
Particularly recommended for protecting works exposed outdoors. Imperious and non-yellowing, it filters UV light.

  1. Cleaning the tools

Brush Cleaner
This cleaner is suitable for use with all painting tools. It dissolves acrylic and varnishes even when dry and retains the suppleness and the form of brushes.

Universal Paint Remover
These strong solvent strips remove dried oil or acrylic on all painting tools. Very efficient, it works in 15-30 minutes and can be rinsed off in water. Warning: Rinse well in the event it gets in contact with skin.

A discovery kit
There is a discovery kit for the Studio Acrylics that easily allows you to test the most essential auxiliaries. This kit contains Black Studio Gesso, Bindex, Modeling Paste, White Sand Textured Gel and the Phosphorescent Gel in 40ml jars.

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