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Published February 04 at 20:09


Did you know that Valentine’s day is an ancient celebration?


As a matter of fact it is, on February 14 of every year the Romans celebrated the God of fertility. This custom brought many couples together, and lead to many marriages. It was only in the late middle ages that Valentine’s day became the celebration of love. This was a romantic era when people took the opportunity to write messages of love and make Valentine’s illustrated symbols such as a heart or cupid, the God of love, for a specific person. Now, Valentine’s day represents a commercial holiday where consumption is at its peak. People choose chocolates, flowers and cards last minute, simply because they feel compelled to do so.

Why not draw inspiration from that time period and create a small gift or simply personalize the setting for a romantic dinner? What’s better than a handmade gift? Decorate glasses, cups, champagne flutes, bowls, coffee cups, etc... Or create a picture frame, a nice pillow, small gift bags, etc...

Anything is possible!

The simple ideas for beautiful creations are endless, and the broad range of Pébéo products, offers everything needed to bring them to life!
Here are a few easy ideas!

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