What is Mixed Media

Published March 28 at 13:11

What is Mixed Media

Find out now... What is Mixed Media 

It is a trend that has swelled from all parts, brought about by the masters who dare to break the rules and effortlessly mix different media.

Beyond the techniques, everything mixes: ideas, cultures, paradoxical worlds that until now had never met ... When Pébéo gets into the mix and creates new materials, the result promises to be beautiful! Mixing it up is the way to go!

Mixed Media in English, Techniques Mixtes in French ... This new approach, which is accessible to all, pictorial, sculptural, figurative or abstract, will take you by surprise. The concept is revolutionary by offering the professional or amateur artist a multitude of simple techniques to try in their own work, with highly striking effects.

2018 Cindy Lesman - Scopic

The artist explores new horizons and makes the technique their own, becoming one with the artists' imagination.

Lest we forget the traditional painting ranges! With resins, Vitrail paints, ceramic, fantasy moon and prism colours and gold leaves, the pictorial and sculptural journey takes risks never seen before: opalescence, transparent colours, overlays of colours, reliefs, collages...

Artists have always been a motivation for Pébéo. Today, ecology is part of our everyday life and Pébéo is committed in this direction. We have a real passion for what we do. This year, the launch of bio-based resins will be an added asset to the Mixed Media range.



The possibilities are endless

Artists in France, Canada, the United States, China, Japan... have encouraged us to continue down our path. The public at large are also highly receptive to these new techniques. There are infinite amazing possibilities open to everyone...

The desire to live in parallel to the artists of their time, to share their passions by bringing to them techniques that transcend their works. ... A new alphabet of colours and textures are revealed and the results are very often surprising!  

Get stuck into Mixed Media 

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