Yigit Yazici

Published June 16 at 12:21

Yigit Yazici

"This Tuesday 16th of June, we celebrate the opening of the exhibition Fountain by the turkish artist Yigit Yazici who has already been exhibited in sole of the most well known  Art fairs in the world.
His colorfull and detailed artworks show his memories and his inspirations .
The exhibition will take place from 16th June until 16th October."

Did you ever considered to dedicate your time to something else other than painting? /  When did you realise you wanted to fully dedicate your time to painting?
Sometimes i wonder within myself what would i become if i was not a apainter  …
but i think i have put all my dreams within painting which is like a big bowl that can take any shape you give to it; it gives you fundamental art knowledge that you can use in other artistic disciplines such as architecture, design , photography.
I do exactly what i love. I love to look, to observe, and the scope of painting, its content is related to the eyes , to the function of seeing
I realized that i want to become a painter, when i was a child, at primary school, while i was watching a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci 



What drives your creative process?
What creates my relationship with colors is my admiration to nature.
I take all my education from nature.
What you observe with full awareness you see both harmony and opposition in nature’s colors. I am very much affected and moved by contrasts which creates harmony 
When i choose my colors i ofthen think about contrasts .

As for colour selection in your work, is there something that predominantly influences this process? With regard to colour, how has your work evolved throughout your career?
Colors are my building blocks, the more i admire them the more i admire Universe. I found the joy of living in colors. 

You are a very versatile artist, from work on canvas to paperwork, furniture and photography, you even created an artwork on a spinnaker, what would you like to try next?
 I want to do projects that will first surprise myself and then others. I want to paint on a gigantic tank ship. I am interested in transforming an object, which is considered to be colorless, boring, where you cannot find any signs of design, which is not very appealing to people (like an oil tanker) to a piece of art, this excites me a lot.


Tell us a bit more about your exhibition “FOUNTAIN” in Gémenos.
I would say ...What is the source of human life?
It is a question I often ask myself.
What gives us the strenght to go on?
From where we take our inspiration?
I feel that the answer leads always to the same source ...
Sound of the water, a bird flying freely in the sky, smile of a child.. when we look with our heart we can see the joy in thousand things, sense the joy in moments, our source is the Pure Joy within Life itself.


My World consists of my canvas, colors, brushes, music and dance. Together with them I am alive, i feel my being, so that my space in this Universe becomes Light instead of a reflection.
Now, I am headed to the second most important source, indispensable for a painter,  a fountain of colors, a magic source, pouring rainbow for nearly 100 years, Pebeo in Gemenos.
I cannot wait to combine my inner joy, my source of life, with the Color Fountain of Pebeo to make new discoveries.