Creative leisure : the Q&A Gedeo resins plasters and moulds

Can Gédéo moulds be used for food?
Gédéo moulds are food-grade but once you have used them for casting materials such as: resins, plasters, candles, or any other substance that is not foodstuff, they no longer will be suitable for the preparation of kitchen recipes.

Expiration date?
5 years in the closed original packaging and 6 months after opening.

Glaze resin: Can Resin Glaze be used on wood?
Possibly, depending on the type of wood. Though there is nothing to worry about with pine, take precautions with fatty woods (oak, chestnut) and acidic woods → carry out preliminary tests.

What should I do to "repair" a botched tray base?
Pour a new layer of well-mixed resin.

Does not harden on a painted tray base ?
Mixing was not done properly; refer to the recommendations of the Product Sheet.

Glaze resin : How will Resin Glaze hold outdoors?
The product will slightly yellow and lose its shine.