Children : the Q&A I paint with my fingers

Tactilcolor and Tactilcolor Textile: Does Tactilcolor take long to dry?
No, Tactilcolor does not take long to dry as it is formulated with water which evaporates quickly.

Tactilcolor and Tactilcolor Textile: Can Tactilcolor Paint be ingested?
No, Tactilcolor paint should not be ingested. However, its ingestion is not dangerous since the formulation of the paint is non-toxic. Also be aware that bitterness agents have been incorporated into the Tactilcolor colour formulation to prevent ingestion.

Tactilcolor and Tactilcolor Textile: Are Tactilcolor colours applicable on all surfaces?
Yes, Tactilcolor colours are applicable on all painting surfaces.

Tactilcolor and Tactilcolor Textile: In addition to being able to machine wash the fabrics at 40°C, is it possible to hand wash or soak them?
Yes, it is possible to machine wash textiles decorated by Tactilcolor or hand wash or soak them if the temperature does not exceed 104° F( 40 °C). However, do not soak them too long.

Tactilcolor and Tactilcolor Textile: Is it possible to apply the Tacticolor Textile colours with tools other than the fingers?
Of course, you can apply Finger Paint Textile colours with brushes, rollers, sponges, stamps, etc.