Painting on China and Ceramic: Porcelaine 150 and Ceramic : the Q&A Porcelaine 150 auxiliaries

Porcelaine 150 Auxiliaries: How much thinner should be added to maintain the brightness of the Porcelaine 150 colours while thinning them?
A few drops of thinner are sufficient in general. It depends on the desired viscosity. The brilliance of the colours will not be altered by the dilution of the Porcelaine 150 colours, but the higher the proportion of medium is, the more transparent the colour will be. We recommend that you do not exceed a 50/50 mix.

Porcelaine 150 Auxiliaries: How much Filler Undercoat sealer should you apply on a porous surface?
The Filler undercoat layer depends on the porosity of the surface to be painted. Apply a thin or generous layer depending on the surface, but generally one layer is sufficient. After application, wait 30 minutes for the under layer to dry.

Porcelaine 150 Auxiliaries: Is it possible to apply a layer of Iridescent Medium once the colour application is complete or is it mandatory to mix the medium with the colour?
The iridescent medium should be used in combination with colours to obtain a pearlescent sheen.

Porcelaine 150 Auxiliaries: What is a medium?
It is a product intended to be mixed with the colours to obtain specific effects.