Acrylic colours : the Q&A Studio Acrylics

Studio Acrylics: Once dry, is Studio Acrylic permanent?
Yes, however, if artwork will be outdoors, varnish is required.

Studio Acrylics: How do you liquefy the paint?
Simply dilute with water.

Studio Acrylics: How do you lighten the Studio Acrylics while maintaining its consistency?
For this, use a medium.

Studio Acrylics: Can you apply the paint thickly with Studio Acrylics?
Absolutely, a range of auxiliaries has been specifically created for this purpose. The Studio Acrylic gels are specially designed to be mixed with the colour in all proportions without reducing the performance. They are available in glossy or matte.

Studio Acrylics: How do you prepare the surface to be painted?
Most canvases that are commercially available are ready to use. For canvases that are non-coated: first apply a very diluted layer of gesso, let dry, then apply a second undiluted coat. For other surfaces such as wood or metal ... a specific primer is not necessary, however, always make sure to degrease the surface to be painted.

Studio Acrylics: Do you need to follow the oil, golden rule of "fat over lean"?
No, the acrylic is less restrictive than the oil. The successive layers can be applied without specific rules.