step 1 : 

  •  Cut rectangles out of paper in proportion to the size of the moulds to write the first names. Using the Acrylic Markers
  • Write the first names in a colour contrasting with the paper

Step 2 : 

  • Put on the protective gloves provided in the kit and mix the resin following the instructions provided
  • Pour the resin halfway up the mould, sprinkle with glitter and mix to spread it in the resin
  • Leave it to set for at least 12 hours.

Step 3 : 

  • Gently place the paper on the resin once set
  • Prepare a little more resin, pour it on top of the paper and the first layer of resin. If the paper rises to the surface, push it in with the stick.
  •  Add a little more glitter, then, using the tweezers, place petals around the paper.
  • Using the stick, push the elements into the resin and precisely place them into position. 

Step 4 : 

  •  Leave it to dry for 24 hours until the resin is fully set..
  • Unmould the piece, thread a string through the hole and tie a knot.

evel of Dificulty : 

Drying time  : 36h

Complition time : 1h

Difficulty : Difficlte


  • Gédéo crystal resin kit
  • Rectangular or long silicone moulds
  • Thick white and / or coloured paper
  • Acrylic marker colours 314 purple / 301 white silver
  • colour glitter powder
  • Dried flower petals
  • Scissors, tweezers, wooden stick,
  • coloured string