This pretty garland is easy to make and customise with different messages, so you can create your own personalised festive message. 


  • Cardboard of 1.5 mm thickness, Your message, spelled out, and enlarged to your desired size
  • Décocrème in red passion 08, Deco Pearl in light green 106
  • Acrylic Markers (1.2 mm tip) in colours red 406 / green 623 / light pink 410, Deco 3D Effect in snow 150
  • Cutting board and cutting ruler, Cutter, cutting tool, pencil, White glue, Flat brush, Small flat brush
  • Hole punch (to make the holes in the cardboard)
Difficulty levels : 
  • Easy 
  • Time to make: 4 hours 

  • Enlarge and print your letters then cut out to use as templates.
  • Place them onto the cardboard and draw around them in pencil, then cut them out using the cutting ruler and the cutter for the straight parts, or the cutting knife for the rounded edges.
  • Use the flat brush to paint the letters on both sides with two coats of Decocrème in red passion, allowing 20 minutes of drying time between each coat.

  • Cut out decorative shapes from the cardboard scraps to decorate the letters. Make sure they are
  • Use the small flat brush to paint them with Deco Pearl in light green. Leave to dry for 20 minutes.
  • Then draw Christmas patterns using the Acrylic Markers in green, red and light pink. Leave to dry for 20 minutes.

  • Glue the decorative shapes on to the letters with white glue.
  • Then, use Deco 3D Effect in snow to decorate the letters and the decorative shapes with small dots and garland patterns. Leave to dry for 2 hours.

  • Make holes at the top of the letters with the hole punch, then thread your string through so you can hang your garland.

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