Full range of acrylic auxiliaries: surface preparers, mediums, gels, modelling pastes for preparing, painting and finishing your works. The auxiliaries in the Studio range are high quality, close to Studio acrylic quality. They can be mixed with other acrylics such as MAT PUB, artist acrylics and decorative acrylics, and they can be used with other techniques such as oil, ink, watercolour, pastel, etc.

Surface preparation : opaque primer for preparing painting surfaces. Apply onto a clean non-greasy surface. They provide a slightly matt surface that improves the adhesion of paint. Easy to find thanks to their red label.

Gels & textured mortars : thick modeling paste for textured painting or for creating textured effects. Use alone or mix with pébéo's acrylic colours. Crackling effect modeling paste creates crackling effects on painted surfaces. Easy to find thanks to their orange label.

Mediums & gels : fluid acrylic binder, can be used alone for collages or for thinning colours. Easy to find thanks to their purple label

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