Pébéo modelling paste encourages bare-hand exploration and play, freeing our expression and stimulating the senses. Enables the child to develop their first movements, such as: pinching, pulling, rolling, peeling, stacking, flattening, binding, lifting, smoothing, touching, tapping, kneading, opening, digging, shaping, twisting, ... so from 3 years of age, their experience can be enhanced by using different accessories: textured plates (made from bioplastics), carving tools, .... Raw materials are 100% natural, originating from organic agriculture, gluten-free, additive- free, from non-GMO crops and untreated certifiedsalt. Plant and food colouring-based colours, the paste is very soft, flexible, non-sticky, that does not crumble. With a mild and light odour.

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