Tactilcolor Powder Paint is to be diluted with water to recreate, among other things, finger paint or liquid gouache. This formula, composed of a minimum of 97% raw materials of natural origin, is perfectly adapted for children from 2 years old. 

It offers babies and older children healthier and greener activities: 

  • Zero added preservatives
  • Zero waste: Prepare only the amount of paint that you need, and if you have any reconstituted paint left, dry it in a thin layer on a non-porous surface (such as cellophane or aluminium foil for example), you will then obtain small watercolour tablets.
  • 90% less packaging: ~ 90% less packaging compared to two 150ml bottles of Pebeo liquid gouache (i.e. approximately 280ml of liquid gouache with a 100g bag).  Reduction of CO2 emissions and therefore of the carbon impact because less mass to transport.
  • Recyclable and resealable bag for long term storage
  • "+" educational: Experimentation through the preparation of paint, learning about the origin of colours, civic  and environmentally responsible education

The colours are bright and luminous even after drying, redilutable and can be mixed together in powder or reconstituted form.

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