Water colour, lemon, for glass, transparent with an excellent lightfastness, frosted finish.




45 ml

Product description

Water colour, lemon, for glass, transparent with an excellent lightfastness, frosted finish.

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Lemon colour For glass Transparent with an excellent lightfastness Frosted finish


Based: Water
Finish: gloss, frosted or shimmer
Target: 12+, Collectivity, Adult, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur, Professional - Craftsman
Format: 45 ml
Effect: Frosted
Drying: COLOUR DRYING, MEDIA AND MARKERS FOR DECORATIVE USE: 72 hours with light wash, without soaking.COOKING OF ALL THE COLOURS, ACCESSORIES AND MARKERS OF THE RANGE, IN ORDER TO BE DISHWASHER-SAFE: 40 minutes at 160° C (stabilised temperature) in domestic oven, after a minimum of 24hours drying.
Dilution: Vitrea 160 Thinner
Application Supports: Glass, crystal …Media such as Pyrex®, Arcopal® or equivalents must not be used.
Surface Covering: Relief 20 ml ≈ 15 mMarker ≈ 150 m
Storage: Markers : Store flat. Protect from freezing.
Dangerous. Respect the usage precautions.


Before applying Vitrea 160, simply degreasing with alcohol or soapy water suffices. Place the decorated object in a cold oven. Once the temperature reaches 160° C, it cook for 40 minutes. At the end of baking, open the oven and leave the object to cool down inside to prevent any thermal shock. After cooking, decors are dishwasher-safe (following recommendations), and resistant to solvents and common detergents. Only surfaces that are not intended to come into contact with food should be decorated. There is no danger in drinking in a glass decorated with Vitrea 160 if the application stops more or less 1 cm from the edge (mustard jar principle). Nevertheless, migration tests carried out by an accredited laboratory have shown that accidental contact of decorated areas with food does not represent a health hazard.