Vitrail & Cerne Relief

Paint, yellow colour, solvent based, transparent and gloss finish.

Vitrail & Cerne Relief



45 ml

Product description

Paint, yellow colour, solvent based, transparent and gloss finish.

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Yellow colour Solvent based Transparent and Gloss finish


Based: Solvent
Finish: Transparent lacquer
Target: Professional - Craftsman, Collectivity, Adult, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur
Format: 45 ml
Effect: Gloss
Drying: away from dust, 2 hours. 10 hours.Drying times can vary depending on the thickness of the application, and the temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied.
Application Supports: Glass, polyester, acetate…
Surface Covering: 45 ml ≈ 0,5 m²
Dangerous. Respect the usage precautions.


Pebeo's Vitrail colors can be applied with a brush on most carefully degreased transparent surfaces: glass, acetate, polyester, Plexiglas...

To perfectly imitate stained glass, use with Vitrail the Relief Rings. They are applied directly to the tube to draw the patterns before applying the Vitrail colors.

Maintenance of decorated supports : After drying, the colour bear a light wash without soaking. Resistant to glass cleaner. The objects decorated with Vitrail colours should not be considered for practical usage, but only intended for decorative purposes.