Your Easter Eggs are going for a swim!


"Have fun making a cardboard podium for your swimmers so that they can take their place and win bronze, silver or gold! Use the wooden rings to help them stand upright."

  • Hard-boiled eggs or eggs that have been blown out
  • Glittery Acryl colour paint
  • Skrib acrylic markers
  • A paintbrush
  • Wooden rings (such as curtain rings)

  • For this project, you can use hard-boiled eggs or those that have been blown out. Empty eggs will last longer but they are more delicate!
  • Apply paint to the top of your egg directly from the tube, then spread it using the brush (or even your finger!) so it covers the top third.
  • You’ve made your egg a swimming cap! Stand each egg up on a wooden ring to let the paint dry. 

  • Once the swimming caps have dried, draw the face of each character: 
1- Miss Fleurette has her eyes closed, pouty lips and a pair of goggles.
2-  Mortimer, the diver, wears a snorkel which sticks up in the air. You can see his big blue eyes under his diving mask. 
3- Marco, the sailor, has small eyes and a big moustache!

  • Now you’re ready to give each swimmer their swimsuit: 
1- Fleurette wears a pink swimsuit with white spots and her cap has a little flower on it.
2-  Mortimer wears green trunks
3- Marco has an all-in-one blue and white sailor suit and an anchor on his swimming cap. 

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