"Try this playful tie-dye technique to create a chic, hippy-style cushion cover."

Materials : 

  • Sétacolor Tye & Dye textile dye kit
  • Droppers
  • A spray
  • A cushion cover or fabric in the same size as your cushion 
  • A scrap of fabric for testing
  • Small glass jars for mixing your colours 
  • A plastic sheet to protect your workspace

Difficulty level: 

  • Easy 
  • Time to make: 2 hours + time for the paint to dry + sewing time if you choose to sew the cover yourself

  • Protect your workspace with the plastic sheet.

  •  In the model, we used Azure Blue, Gypsy Blue, Cyan Blue directly and also created other colours by mixing them in small glass jars.
  • To make a Plum, mix Gypsy Blue with a hint of Raspberry. 

  • To make a Coral Pink, mix Raspberry and Yellow and add a hint of Red.

  •  To make Emerald Green, mix Cyan Blue with hints of Yellow and Raspberry.
  •  Try your colours out on the scrap of fabric and adjust them to your liking. They need to dry before you can judge the true colour.

  • If you're using a pre-made cushion cover, ensure you slide a piece of plastic between the two layers of fabric to protect the bottom one while you paint the front.

  •  Use the spray to moisten your fabric evenly.
  • The wetter the fabric is, the more the paint will diffuse to create halos of colour.


  • With the dropper, pick up a little of the colour and make small circles by dropping the colour drop by drop.

  • Distribute the colours by first working at the bottom of the cushion to create a dense area: let the drops fill the entire surface of the fabric.
  •  Moving up the fabric, space the drops out.

  • Leave to dry for a few hours before ironing the pattern to fix the colour.

  •  If necessary, sew the cover to fit the dimensions of your cushion.

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