Customize your t-shirt


"All it takes is a few textile markers, some Setacolor paint and a lot of creativity to have a unique Tee-shirt" 

  • A markers
  • Setacolor Light Fabric paint
  • Setacolor 3D
  • Brushes + water
  • Pencil + Black pen + Sheet of paper
  • Cardboard
  • T-shirt

  • Slide the cardboard inside the T-shirt, underneath the surface to be painted
  • Tape the T-shirt down on the table

  • Draw a shape that you want to feature on your T-shirt. Maybe you're feeling inspired by Keros, the God of Hearts!

  • Slide your drawing between the T-shirt and the cardboard then trace the outline onto your T-shirt

  • Start by tracing the contours of your drawing using the black marker

  • Use Setacolor paint in Cardinal Red to paint the inside of the heart in red

  • Use the markers to draw letters and hearts

  • Use Setacolor Light Fabric paints and your fine brushes to fill in the colours on the column

  • Use the SETACOLOR 3D Pebeo Black to trace the contours of your shapes, as well as the black letters, to add relief

  • Let your T-shirt dry and then iron it

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