Silk scarf


"Create a pretty silk scarf with a colour chart design and subtle and delicate colours."

Matériels :

  • Complete Setasilk kit
  • Silk scarf 55 x 55 cm
  • A no. 10 round brush
  • A frame for stretching the silk
  • Pins to stretch the silk over the frame
 Difficulty Level : 

  • Drying time: 2 hours for the gutta and 30 min for the silk painting
  • Time to make: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium – from 12 years old and up

  • Gently wash the silk scarf to remove any treatment and leave it to dry. Iron. Stretch it over the frame by fixing it in place with the pins.

  •   Download the pattern and print it 4 times. Assemble the boards.

  • Place these pattern boards under the silk scarf and iron the circles and labels with the colourless gutta which comes with the Setacolor kit.

  •  Gently add the corresponding number inside each label, or you could even try writing them out in full if you're confident! Leave the gutta to dry for about 2 hours. 

  •  Start by painting all the labels in silver gray using the round brush. 

  • Then paint each circle following a colour chart:

 Circle N°1: primary yellow
Circle N°2: primary yellow + mandarin
Circle N°3: mandarin
Circle N°4: mandarin + magenta
Circle N°5: magenta
Circle N°6: magenta + raspberry
Circle N°7: raspberry
Circle N°8: raspberry + iris
Circle N°9: iris
Circle N°10: iris + cyan
Circle N°11: cyan
Circle N°12: cyan + gitane blue
Circle N°13: gitane blue
Circle N°14: gitane blue + turquoise
Circle N°15: turquoise
Circle N°16: turquoise + primary yellow

  •  Leave to dry for 30 minutes, then iron on the other side for five minutes using the cotton setting with no steam. 

  • Rinse under water to remove the gutta. Leave to dry and iron again. 

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