Customized kimono


Create a kimono full of patterns and poetry!

Materials :

  • SETACOLOR light fabric paint.
  • Erasable marker pen
  • 1 piece of card to protect the back
  • wide, flat brush
  • fine brush

Difficulty Level : 
  • Medium 
  • Completion time : 2h 
  • Drying time : 2h 

  • Create a small sketch showing the inspiration for the design for your kimono.

  • Slip the cardboard inside the kimono, under the areas you're going to paint at apply take to protect the neckline
  • Paint the red stripes at regular intervals with SETACOLOR light fabric paint.

  •  Use the erasable marker pen and ruler to mark the yellow lines so they line up with the red lines on the front of the jacket.

  • Paint the yellow lines with SETACOLOR light fabric paint. Leave to dry.

  • Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 on the back of the kimono, layering the lines if you wish.nture.
  •  After leaving the back to dry, use the fine tip marker to draw between the front and back lines.

  • Iron the kimono inside out to set the paint.

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