Starfish mobile


"Make a starfish mobile using our no-bake white clay and our Déco colours"

Step 1 : Place your templates on to the clay and cut out the starfish shapes with the cutter or a sharp knife. 

Step 2 : 

  •   Drawing inspiration from reality, use the sticks to create patterns on your starfish: small circles, lines...
  • Using a pointed stick (or the end of a pencil) make a hole in the top of one of each starfish's points in order to hang them (be sure to make a big enough hole, as the clay retracts as it dries: it should measure 2 mm in diameter)

Step 3 : 

  • You can add shape and volume to your starfish by laying them over a pebble to dry: this will create a curve so that they dry into a more natural starfish shape.
  • Use the leftover pieces of clay (or a new piece) to create pearls: carefully roll balls of clay in various sizes and use a fine stick to pierce them.
  • Allow to dry away from dust.
  •   When all the elements are fully dry, it's time to paint them: use the small flexible flat brush to apply one coat of white matt DECO paint then two coats of pearlescent DECO paint, allowing time to dry between each coat.

 Step 4 :

  •   Use the thread to form small pompoms or tassels.



Step 5: 

  •  Laying everything flat on a table, position the different parts (starfish, pearls, driftwood and tassels) and compose the mobile as you wish: try a larger piece of driftwood at the top and 3 vertical lines of elements below. Assemble the elements with the flax string by threading the starfish and the pearls onto it and securing them in place with knots, then tying the driftwood pieces together. Finish by placing the tassels at the bottom of each string and adding one more piece at the top to hang the mobile.

(For added security, you could add a little glue to each of the knots in the string.)



  • Pearlescent DECO paint: 107 lilac / 112 blue / 104 mist
  • Matt DECO paint: 041 white
  • A small soft flat brush
  • Different sized starfish templates cut out of thick paper Pieces of driftwood
  • A knife and a cutter
  • A rolling pin and 2 thin sticks
  • A fine pointed stick (or toothpick) and a thick stick Flax string
  • Skeins of embroidery thread in a range of pearlescent colours

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