Ceramic chopstick rest


 Materials : 

  • CERAMIC paint in white 10 / pink 34 / green 37   
  • A butterfly cookie cutter and an image to inspire you when you draw the wings
  • A rolling pin and 2 sticks of 4 to 5 mm in diameter  
  • A sharp knife
  • A fine sponge (such as a makeup sponge)
  • A piece of fine sandpaper
  • Two sticks (or pencils or twigs) of 8 mm in diameter 
 Difficulty : 
  • Medium 
  •  1 hour to cut the clay / 24 hours minimum for drying / 3 hours to paint the different colours / 10 hours for the paint to dry completely / 1⁄2 hour to paint the back / 10 hours for the paint to dry completely    

  • Cut a slice of about 1 cm from the block of WHITE NON-FIRING CLAY. 
  • Roll it out between the two thin sticks of 5 mm in diameter (these will serve as a template to obtain an even thickness). Cut out the butterflies. 
  • Using the moistened sponge, clean and round off the edges, and remove any traces left on the wings.
  • Leave the butterflies to dry, supporting the shape on the 8 mm sticks:  The centre of the butterfly must be in contact with your surface while the wings are supported by the sticks.
  • Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. 

  • When the butterflies have dried completely, sand them lightly to even out the surface. Dust and clean using the damp sponge.
  • Create a template for the wings to plan your colour use, either freehand or using the help of tracing paper.

  • Paint the wings with CERAMIC paint. 
  • Prepare your colour mixtures using the white to lighten the pink and green and create different shades.
  • Start with the white, then the light pink, then the darker pink. Leave to dry for 2 hours before adding the edges and the green dots as finishing touches. Leave to dry for 10 hours. 
  • Then paint the edges and the back, and let dry again for a further 10 hours.