Unique customised jewellery



"Make your own earrings using the Gédéo range and Fluid Pigment"

Case fully designed and dedicated to practising the activity of RESIN ART. Inside, it has everything you need to easily make stylish JEWELLERY thanks to the step-by-step guide and ideas for inspiration. The resin must not come into direct contact with the skin; it can be attached to a support.

  • Crystal Resin A 
  • Hardener B
  • fluid Pigment in Blue and White
  • Protective gloves
  •  Mixing sticks
Plastic cups or similar, a measuring cup, a mould. 
In a dry and temperate place, protect your work surface and ensure that it is flat and even.
Be careful: once you start pouring, it will no longer be possible to move the mould. 

Pour 10 ml of Hardener B into the measuring cup. Add Resin A until the total mixture measures 30 ml. Pour the entire measuring cup into a plastic cup then mix the resins using the mixing stick.

Tip: Remember to scrape down the sides of the measure with the mixer to ensure that all the product is removed. To avoid bubbles, be very careful when mixing and pouring.

Pour half of the mixture into a second plastic cup. Add 5 drops of Fluid pigment in White and mix. 

Into the first cup, add 5 drops of Fluid pigment in Blue and mix.

Pour a base of white resin into the mould. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Add a layer of blue resin. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Add white resin at the edges of the mould. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Remove your creation from the mould. Take a piece of fine wire, fold it in half and thread the beads of your choice onto it. Add glue into the hole of your moulding and insert the wire there so that the loop comes out the other side. Let the glue set.

Once the beads and thread are securely attached to the moulding, slip a clasp (or equivalent) onto the loop.

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