Marbled stars


Let the stars come out to play at your Christmas festivities! Decorations to create with your children using marbling paint: they will love them!


  • Marbling in white
  • Marbling in emerald green
  • Marbling in vermilion
  • Marbling in ultramarine blue
  • Marbling bath,Stars cut out of wood, Fine rope
Difficulty Level : 
  • Easy
  • Time to make (excluding drying time:3 hours

  • In a small basin or bowl, prepare the marbling bath by mixing the powder with water. Wait 2 hours for the mixture to turn into jelly.
  • Drop a few drops of the marbling paint onto the mixture and use a small stick to draw an abstract design.

  • One by one, dip the stars into the mixture. Once you take them out, wipe the side which was soaked in the mixture with a sheet of kitchen towel. Repeat the action on the other side of each star. Add more marbling paint if necessary.

  • Dry the stars by hanging them out using the string.

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