Coloured paper tealight



  • COLOREX ink in primary yellow 59 / portrait pink 64 / coral 12 / madder pink 15 / moss green 43 / jade 54
  • Drawing gum  marker
  • Paper (Canson 180 g or Bristol): a rectangle of 29 x 15 cm + 2 strips of 28 cm x 8 mm
  • Tracing paper and a pencil
  • Paintbrushes
  • A small colour pallet
  • White glue
  • Medium 
  • Time to make: 4 hours (including drying time)

  • Define the border of your tealight holder: on one of the sides, draw a strip 1 cm wide on the top of the rectangular piece of paper using a pencil.
  • Draw your design on the tracing paper, and then transfer it to the paper.
  • Cover the pencil design with Drawing Gum: Use the marker for fine, precise lines and use a brush and liquid Drawing Gum for thicker lines.
  • Leave to dry for about 30 minutes.

  • Dilute your inks with water to lighten them slightly.
  • Start with your flowers by painting irregular shapes around the design using the Drawing Gum, and filling them in without following the design too carefully for an irregular effect. 
  • Use warm colours: yellow, portrait pink, coral and pink madder.
  • Be careful that your colours don't touch before they are dry, as they can merge (unless this is the effect you're aiming for!) 

  • Leave to dry before colouring in your background, overlapping the moss green and jade.
  • Let it dry once more.

  • When the inks have dried completely, gently peel off the Drawing Gum with your fingertip to reveal the drawing.

Finishing touches:
  • If the paper has curled slightly, you can flatten it under a stack of books overnight before putting together your tealight holder.
  • Assemble your tealight holder using glue and a brush. Let it dry while holding it in place.
  • Then, glue the strips and stick them inside the candle holder at the top and bottom to reinforce it.
Place your candle inside a glass before using your tealight holder so that the paper does not ignite, or choose electric, flameless candles.