Festive gift boxes that you can customise with your colours and your own DIY stickers!

Material : 
  • MAT DECO colour 41 white / 69 antique white / 109 light pink / 110 bengal pink / 49 pine green / 115 amazonia / 20 gold / 101 mother of pearl,Boxes ,Pieces of paper to cut out shapes 
  • Spalter brushes,Scissors and precision cutter , white glue

  • Start by using the spalter brush to apply one or two coats of white to neutralize your boxes and make any patterns disappear

  • The colours you apply after will come out more beautiful and even.

  • Then, with the spalter brush, paint two coats of the base colours on to the boxes.
  • Mix together to obtain different pinks and greens and paint the paper in solid colours with the spalter. 
  • Also paint a sheet of paper in gold and mother-of-pearl. Leave it to dry.

  • Copy the patterns to the scale of your boxes on the back of the painted paper and carefully cut the shapes with a precision cutter.
  • Assemble to visualize the composition before gluing the paper shapes one by one.

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