Use our kit to create your own candles, alternating colours and shapes."


  • Make your own candles' kit
  • A glass in which to make the candle A saucepan
  • Small glass jars (one per colour) 
  • Sticks for mixing the wax
  • A knife
  • A thin stick and Scotch tape
  • A bag filled with sand (to use as a wedge)
Difficulty level : 
  • Easy 
  • Time to make: 2 hours + time for the wax to cool completely (overnight)

  • Melt a little wax inside a beaker in a bain-marie.
  • Secure the thin stick in place horizontally across the glass using the Scotch tape. 
  • Dip the wick's metallic support into the melted wax then stick it to the bottom of the glass in the centre. 

  • Let the wax set then secure the wick so that it is taut and well centred, securing it to the stick with some Scotch. 
  • This way, the wick will remain in place while you are creating.

  • With the knife, scrape small chunks off the dye stick and add the shavings to the beaker of melted wax.
  • The wax thins out as it cools, and it will set faster when you use more of the dye.
  • Mix thoroughly with a stick to evenly distribute the colour. 
  • Add two drops of essential oil and mix again.
  • Wedge the glass at an angle, propping it up against the sandbag: the angle will give shape to the first colour layer of wax.

  • Pour the wax and leave it to set for about 20 minutes.
  • When the wax has set but is still flexible, prepare the second wax colour in the same way as before.
  • Change the angle of the glass and pour the next layer of wax.
  • Then, change the angle again and do the same with your third colour

  • For the final wax colour, straighten the glass so that you can fill it up evenly to 1 cm from the top.

  • Leave it to set and cool completely overnight. Cut the tip of wick down to 1 cm before lighting it.