Christmas baubles with gold leaf gilding


Create beautiful Christmas baubles using Décospray and our gold leaf gilding. The result will be a unique decoration for your tree!

Products : 

  • Gold leaves for gilding,Decospray in wine colour
  • Decospray in pastel green, Decospray in turquoise
  • Medium flat brush, Matt white Christmas baubles
  • Thin ribbon (match the colour to one of the baubles), Scissors
Difficulty level:
  • Medium
  • Time to make (excluding drying time): 3 hours

  •  Remove the metal hooks from the baubles.
  • Spray the baubles with the Pébéo Decospray in wine colour, pastel green and turquoise and then leave to dry for 30 mins.

  • Apply the glue liquid with a brush and leave the product to rest for 15 mins.
  • Use this time to tear the gold leaves into smaller pieces of varying sizes in an abstract manner.

  • Apply the gold leaves to each bauble using a flat brush. Start generously at the base of each bauble and work up towards the top, then leave to dry for 2 hours.
  • Put the metal hooks back onto each bauble (which you can also paint if you'd like to).
  • Hang a ribbon onto each bauble and all that's left is to hang them on the tree!

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