Advent calendar


Make yourself a fun and inventive advent calendar that will delight your children throughout the whole of December! 


  • Acrylic Marker (1.2 tip) in precious red
  • Acrylic Marker (1.2 tip) in verdigris
  • Acrylic Marker (fine tip) in gold
  • Décocrème paint in white
  • Décocrème paint in fir green
  • 1 polyamide spalter brush, 1 small flat brush
  • Wooden board,Standard clothes pegs, 2 white hooks, Rope,Ruler
  • Tracing paper, Wooden pencil, Glue gun, Numbers 1 to 24 + small Christmas-themed images (find them online)
Difficulty level
  • Easy
  • Time to make (excluding drying time): 4 hours

  • Take the wooden board, screw the 2 hooks on the top at the far corners then paint the board in white (the top and the sides).
  •  Paint the clothes pegs in fir green. 

  • Measure out and mark the intervals where you will glue the pegs.
  •  Glue the pegs using the glue gun.
  •  Trace the numbers 1 to 24 as well as the Christmas images, then transfer them to the calendar above the pegs.

  • Go over the lines with the Acrylic Markers.
  •  Hang 24 small gifts (1 gift per peg).
  •  Attach the rope and hang up the calendar.



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