Christmas wreath made from clothes pegs


Give free rein to your creativity with this original and easy-to-make Christmas wreath which uses clothes pegs and will add a special touch to your Christmas nights!


  • Deco matt in white
  • Deco matt in brown
  • Deco matt in red
  • Fine brushes
  • XXL wooden clothes pegs
  • Cardboard, Plates
  • Scissors, Colouring pencils
Difficulty level:
  • Very easy
  • Time to make (excluding drying time): 4 hours

  • Start with the cardboard and 2 different sized plates (1 larger, 1 smaller). Place the larger plate at the centre of the piece of cardboard then trace the plate's outline using a pencil. Repeat with the smaller plate, placing it at the centre of the larger circle.

  • Cut out the cardboard ring this will serve as the base for our wreath.

  • Arrange the clothes pegs all around the cardboard circle.

    • Paint a few of them (roughly 10 per colour). Apply 1 colour at a time in a random fashion, then leave to dry for 30 minutes.

    • Draw small geometric patterns (such as dots or lines) in the same colours as the pegs, so that they stand out well, and leave to dry for a further 30 minutes.

    • Add a white ribbon and hang your wreath on the wall or on a door.

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