1-   These super easy-to-make wreaths only require a few blasts of spray paint to brighten up your home.


  • DECO SPRAY color 07 light pink 
  • 20 pastel green 
  • 23 Christmas green 
  • 68 gold A 30 x 30 cm piece of cardboard 
  • pine cones of different sizes 
  • a glue gun 
  • 1.50 m of ribbon

  • Position your pine cones harmoniously to form a wreath on the cardboard 
  • Cut a circle 2 cm in diameter from the cardboard according to the diameter of your pine cones.

  • Sprinkle the cardboard circle in gold and the pine cones in the 4 colours and leave them to dry.
  •  Have a couple of extra pine cones so you can have some flexibility when you finally place them.

  • Cut a 60 cm piece of ribbon and thread it around the cardboard circle - this will be the top of your crown. 
  • Place the coloured pine cones and adjust your composition.
  • Use the glue gun to glue them one by one, as well as the ribbon.
  • Using the rest of the ribbon, tie a pretty knot that you will glue under the top pine cone at the level of the ribbon to hang the crown.
  •  Cut the ends into a point.

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