Create original sunglasses for Valentine's Day!


These funny glasses will be an original way to declare your love!



  • Gold, black, blue and white Skrib gouache markers
  • A pair of sunglasses 
  • A thin white cardboard rectangle measuring 18 X 15 cm
  • A cutter
  • A ruler
  • A pencil

  • Using a photo as inspiration, draw an open eye and a closed eye on the lenses of the glasses to form a wink, with the gold, white, black and blue markers. 

  • Create two slits 1.5 cm high on the piece of cardboard using a cutter, 5 cm from the edge of each side and centred in the middle of the card.  These will be used to slide the arms of the glasses.


  • Decorate your card with a message and designs inspired by tags or tattoos. You can draw them lightly with pencil before going over with a marker. Make sure to leave the middle free because this is where you will put your glasses on by sliding the arms into the slots, so that your cardboard serves as a glasses holder  


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