Chalks for writing lovely words!


Make chalks for writing lovely words!

Materials : 
  • white chalk paste
  • red chalk paste
  • yellow chalk paste
  • blue chalk paste 
  • a toothpick
  • a container of water

  • To model your “heart” chalk, mix a ball of white paste and a ball of red paste to make a pink ball. Flatten the ball with the palm of your hand to get a circle. With the toothpick carve a groove at the top of the circle and finish forming your heart with your fingers. 

  • To model your “kiss” chalk, flatten a ball of red clay with the palm of your hand to form a circle. Pinch each side of the circle between your fingers to form the corners of the lips. Using the toothpick, mark the cupid's bow at the top of the lip and draw the horizontal separation between the two lips.

  • To model your chalk "ring", form a thin sausage with the yellow paste and create a ring the size of your finger, sticking the two ends of the sausage with a little water. Make a small ball of blue dough, pinch the bottom of the ball between your fingers to form a spinning top. Mark facets like a diamond by "tapping" all sides against the table. Stick the diamond to the top of the ring with a little water.

  • Let your chalk dry for 24 hours then pop them into a pretty clear bag to give to your loved one. Write them lovely words on blackboards and on the pavement of their street.


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